your team
for happiness
and high

A unique learning experience for startup teams combining neuroscience, emotional intelligence and mindfulness. Lift performance. Elevate leadership. Improve health and wellbeing.

New skills
for new days

We live in a VUCA world – volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. How do you cultivate focus in the face of distraction and creativity in the midst of chaos? How can you build deeper, more effective connections across your team?

from the inside

Learn proven and practical skills to improve your team’s focus, resilience, adaptability, creativity, and wellbeing. Put them to work for better performance, healthier relationships and outstanding leadership.

We start on the inside and work our way into the outside world:

  • Mindfulness – learn to get off autopilot
  • Self-awareness – get to know yourself a whole lot better
  • Self-management – learn how to work with your emotions
  • Motivation – discover your vision and values
  • Empathy – develop your ability to connect with others
  • Integration and Leadership – improve performance under pressure

Key outcomes

The program gives you the tools to unlock your full potential at work and in life.

Outcomes for Founders

  • Develop EQ
  • Improve attention and focus
  • Reduce stress
  • Build resilience
  • Develop empathy and compassion
  • Enhance leadership skills

Outcomes for Teams

  • All the Founder outcomes, plus…
  • Happier, healthier teams
  • Set foundations for high-performance
  • Improve teamwork and cohesion
  • Develop compassion
  • Build psychological safety

Outcomes for VCs

  • All the Founder and Team outcomes, leading to…
  • More robust and resilient companies
  • Increased adaptability
  • De-risking your portfolio

Post-program percentage uplift

Improved Attention

I am able to notice when my attention has been pulled away and return it to the present moment.


Reduced Stress

I use a deliberate technique to calm myself when I am in the middle of a stressful situation.


Increased Resilience

I feel that I can bounce back quickly after an emotionally challenging situation.


Better Leadership

When in conflict with someone, I take time to fully understand their perspective.


Why this

Born at Google
Based in science

Evidence-based training drawing on “Search Inside Yourself”, a learning and development program designed and tested at Google. As a Certified SIY Teacher, I’ve adapted the program for startups and entrepreneurial businesses and taught multiple Startmate cohorts, over 100 founders as part of the Upside Founder Program, and multiple startup teams – Propeller, Sendle, Baraja, Hivery, Sling & Stone, Sparro and more.

I’ve also taught at Google Australia, Macquarie Bank and at Australia’s busiest teaching hospital and emergency department.


with flex

Option 1. In real life

½ day, 1 day, or 2 day workshops

Option 2. Online

6 x 1 hour sessions weekly

Optional – daily email support with practical exercises, prompts, guided meditations and more. Cohort check-in on Zoom. Plus, access to ongoing resources.

What does your team need right now?